Debbie Ross

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About me

Debbie is a member of the Family Mediation Council and Resolution and is a fully accredited and insured Family Mediator.

Prior to this role, she worked as a headhunting Consultant in London so is astute at dealing with people of all backgrounds, negotiating in confidential and often highly emotive situations.

Debbie was an Associate Partner with St James’s Place Wealth Management with numerous financial qualifications so has a clear and practical understanding on all financial aspects.  

Debbie believes family is ‘whatever you find behind the door’ and is a strong advocate of children.  Having trained through ‘A Place to Be’ as a child counsellor, she went on to study Child Criminology, Forensics and Law at master level gaining a distinction in ‘Detecting deception and interviewing child witnesses’.  Debbie is currently a parent support worker for a children’s charity that supports the Early Years social services initiative and has recently started working as a SPIPs presenter (Separated Parents Information Programme) for the family courts and CAFCASS.

Debbie brings a fresh perspective to the table, is able to deal with the more challenging mediations and having gone through the family courts for many years herself, can relate to what it feels like to divorce with all the anxieties and challenges this brings.  Debbie believes wholeheartedly in mediation which saves time, expense and huge emotional distress.  She focuses on putting children at the forefront of all decisions, works with many complex children contact issues and enables you to all move forward to a brighter future.